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The Pro Pack contains 1 CIRQEL Metal Card, 1 CIRQEL Phone Card y 1 CIRQEL Dot.

By simply touching your CIRQEL device to the back of a compatible phone, you can share instantly:

  • Contact information
  • Social media profiles
  • Websites
  • Payment links
  • Videos and files
  • And much more

And don't worry, the other person does not need an application or a CIRQEL device!

Each of these devices can be activated to share the same profile or up to 2 different profiles.

Color: Navy
It's a relief not to have to deal with those old-fashioned paper cards and the never-ending task of getting new ones every time something changes. This card has made my life so much easier.

Carlos R. - CEO at Netspot

My experience with CIRQEL has been amazing. I no longer need to frantically search for business cards; instead, just bring our phones close to each other, and all my contact information instantly opens up. A truly innovative solution!

Sara V. - Freelance Interior Design

I have a CIRQEL Dot and it works great. It's very convenient and inexpensive compared to regular cards.

Javier M. - CEO at SH Group

I have to thank the team for the exceptional customer support! The product's quality speaks for itself, and the team's quick assistance made my experience outstanding.

Alejandra C. - PR Manager at Ceibe