CIRQEL Card 3-Pack

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ntroducing our best-selling CIRQEL Card in a convenient 3-pack.
By simply tapping your CIRQEL device to the back of a compatible phone, you can instantly share:

  • Contact information
  • Social media profiles
  • Websites
  • Payment Links
  • Videos and files
  • & much more

And don´t worry, the other person doesn´t need an app or a CIRQEL device!

Each of these devices can be activated to share the same profile or up to three individual profiles, making it versatile for various networking situations.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a marketing specialist, a salesperson, a consultant, CIRQEL can take your information sharing experience to the next level. Our devices have been specially designed to make it easier than ever to connect, share information, follow up and stay in touch with others. With CIRQEL, networking has never been easier.

Color: Navy
It's a relief not to have to deal with those old-fashioned paper cards and the never-ending task of getting new ones every time something changes. This card has made my life so much easier.

Carlos R. - CEO at Netspot

My experience with CIRQEL has been amazing. I no longer need to frantically search for business cards; instead, just bring our phones close to each other, and all my contact information instantly opens up. A truly innovative solution!

Sara V. - Freelance Interior Design

I have a CIRQEL Dot and it works great. It's very convenient and inexpensive compared to regular cards.

Javier M. - CEO at SH Group

I have to thank the team for the exceptional customer support! The product's quality speaks for itself, and the team's quick assistance made my experience outstanding.

Alejandra C. - PR Manager at Ceibe