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Manage multiple accounts

Create an account for every occasion and switch from one to another instantly. Add as many accounts as you want and manage them all on the same device.

Discover who visited your profile

Find out in real time which users have accessed your profile.

Restrict content

Control access to the platforms of your choice with a code. Only those users who have the code will be able to access.

Measure your impact

Access to your profile statistics: views, interactions on each link, followers...

Have your profile always at hand

Add your CIRQEL Pass to your phone's Wallet to connect with whoever you want instantly without opening the app.

Other Pro features

Customize icons

Give a personal touch to your CIRQEL by choosing your favorite color to your profile.

Customize your profile

Add custom icons to your platforms. Well-chosen icons that are aligned to your brand can be key to increase clicks on your links and improve your engagement.

Add unlimited platforms

Add as many platforms to your profile as you want, improving your networking and boosting your business growth.